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BOSTON – Victims of one of Mark Wahlberg’s racially motivated attacks as a teenage delinquent in segregated Boston in the 1980s are divided over whether he should be granted a pardon for his crimes.

Kristyn Atwood was among a group of mostly black fourth-grade students on a field trip to the beach in 1986 when Wahlberg and his white friends began hurling rocks and shouting racial epithets as they chased them down the street.

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“I don’t think he should get a pardon,” Atwood, now 38 and living in Decatur, Georgia, said in an interview with The Associated Press.

“I don’t really care who he is. It doesn’t make him any exception. If you’re a racist, you’re always going to be a racist. And for him to want to erase it I just think it’s wrong,” she said.

Mary Belmonte, the white teacher who brought the students to the neighbourhood beach that day, sees things differently. “I believe in forgiveness,” she said. “He was just a young kid — a punk — in the mean streets of Boston. He didn’t do it specifically because he was a bad kid. He was just a follower doing what the other kids were doing.”

The 43-year-old former rapper, Calvin Klein model and “Boogie Nights” actor wants official forgiveness for a separate, more severe attack in 1988, in which he assaulted two Vietnamese men while trying to steal beer. That attack sent one of the men to the hospital and landed Wahlberg in prison.

Wahlberg, in a pardon application filed in November and pending before the state parole board, acknowledges he was a teenage delinquent mixed up in drugs, alcohol and the wrong crowd. He points to his ensuing successful acting career, restaurant ventures and philanthropic work with troubled youths as evidence he’s turned his life around.

“I have apologized, many times,” he told the AP in December. “The first opportunity I had to apologize was right there in court when all the dust had settled and I was getting shackled and taken away, and making sure I paid my debt to society and continue to try and do things that make up for the mistakes that I’ve made.”

Court documents in the 1986 attack identify Wahlberg among a group of white boys who harassed a school group as they were leaving Savin Hill Beach in Dorchester, a mixed but segregated Boston neighbourhood that had seen racial tensions during the years the city was under court-ordered school integration.

The boys chased the black children down the street, hurling rocks and racial epithets including “Kill the n—–s!” until an ambulance driver intervened. Wahlberg was 15 at the time.

Atwood still bears a scar from getting hit by a rock. No one was seriously injured, but the attack left other invisible — and indelible — scars.

“I was really scared. My heart was beating fast. I couldn’t believe it was happening. The names. The rocks. The kids chasing,” Belmonte told the AP.

Wahlberg and two other white youths were issued a civil rights injunction: essentially a stern warning that if they committed another hate crime, they would be sent to jail.

In 1988, Wahlberg, then 16, attacked two Vietnamese men while trying to steal beer near his Dorchester home.

According to the sentencing memorandum, he confronted Thanh Lam, a Vietnamese immigrant, as he was getting out of his car with two cases of beer. Wahlberg called Lam a “Vietnamese f—— s—” and beat him over the head with a 5-foot wooden stick until Lam lost consciousness and the rod broke in two.

Documents say Wahlberg ran up to another Vietnamese man, Hoa Trinh, and asked for help hiding. After a police cruiser drove past, he punched Trinh in the eye. Later, he made crude remarks about “slant-eyed gooks.”

Wahlberg ultimately was convicted of assault and battery, marijuana possession and criminal contempt for violating the prior civil rights injunction. Trinh declined to be interviewed by AP, and efforts to locate Lam were unsuccessful.

Judith Beals, a former state prosecutor involved in the cases, said Wahlberg’s crimes stand out because he violated the injunction with an even more violent attack on people of yet another race.

“It was a hate crime and that’s exactly what should be on his record forever,” Atwood said.


AP reporters Johnny Clark in Atlanta, Steve LeBlanc in Boston and John Carucci in New York contributed to this report.

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BUENOS AIRES, Argentina – Alberto Nisman was found with a bullet wound on the right side of his head, a .22 calibre handgun and casing next to his lifeless body, in the bathroom of his locked apartment, according to a preliminary autopsy that found no evidence of anyone else’s involvement in his death.

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But what would seem like a clear-cut case of suicide is clouded by the stunning timing of the prosecutor’s death, just hours before he was to give potentially incendiary testimony to Argentina’s congress about his accusation that President Cristina Fernandez and other top officials protected Iranian suspects in the 1994 bombing of a Jewish centre, considered Argentina’s worst terrorist attack.

Despite the government’s assertion that Nisman died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound, thousands of Argentines gathered late Monday in the iconic Plaza de Mayo, in front of the presidential residence and in other cities to demand authorities clarify the death. Some protesters, in a twist on France’s “Je Suis Charlie” movement, gathered under the slogan “I Am Nisman” and chanted “Justice! Justice!”

WATCH: Damien Pachter, the journalist who broke the news of Nisman’s death felt the government was pursuing him. He has fled the country after the government’s official 桑拿会所 account tweeted details of his flight plans.

“I’m deeply moved by this. I hope the justice system investigates what happened and if the government is responsible that officials are sent to prison,” said Fernando Lucero, a 42-year-old lawyer at a demonstration.

Nisman was found in the bathroom of his apartment late Sunday, shortly before he was to testify in a Congressional hearing. Five days earlier, he had accused Fernandez of reaching a deal with Iran that shielded some officials from punishment for the attack that left 85 people dead. The government purportedly hoped to benefit from increased trade, oil and financing from Iran.

Investigating prosecutor Viviana Fein said Monday that the preliminary autopsy found “no intervention” of others in Nisman’s death. “According to the autopsy, he fired the .22 calibre” handgun, she said.

However, Fein said she would not rule out the possibility that Nisman was “induced” to suicide, adding that the gun was not his.

“The firearm belonged to a collaborator of Nisman” who had given it to the prosecutor, Fein told Todo Noticias television channel.

According to the autopsy, Nisman had a bullet entry-wound on the right side of his head but there was no exit wound. His body was found inside the bathroom and blocking the door, and there were no signs of forced entry or robbery in the apartment, Fein said.

Authorities said they had to call a locksmith to get into Nisman’s apartment on the 13th floor of Le Parc tower, a complex of luxury condos in the trendy Puerto Madero neighbourhood of Buenos Aires.

Raising more questions about how anyone could have gotten to Nisman to kill him, the prosecutor had 10 federal police assigned to his protection, according to a statement from the Ministry of Security. An adviser to the ministry, who was not authorized to talk to the press and spoke on condition of anonymity, said the agents were posted at the entrance to the building and in a car nearby, and that police were never posted inside the building.

Authorities only went to the apartment when police guarding Nisman, who had received threats, alerted them that he wasn’t
answering phone calls.

In a letter on her official website, Fernandez lamented Nisman’s death, saying it generated “stupor and questions.” She initially used the word “suicide” in connection with his death but later put a question mark next to the word.

But despite government assurances doubts remained.

Congresswoman Cornelia Schmidt-Liermann, interviewed before the preliminary autopsy finding, said she had planned to pick Nisman up Monday at his residence and accompany him for his testimony.

“Everybody who had contact with him the last 24 hours says he was confident” about his testimony, she told The Associated Press. “There is no indication, under any circumstances, that he killed himself.”

Schmidt-Liermann said Congress met Monday afternoon despite Nisman’s absence, and many members signed a declaration urging a full investigation into Nisman’s death.

Schmidt-Liermann and others who knew Nisman said he lived under constant threats on his life from Iranian agents and pressure from the Argentine government.

Joseph Humire, executive director of the Center for Secure and Free Society, a Washington, D.C.-based think-tank , said he was to testify with Nisman on a U.S. Congressional subcommittee in July 2013 but Nisman pulled out at the last minute.

“He pulled out because of threats from the Argentine government” that he would be fired if he testified, said Humire.

Nisman was appointed 10 years ago by Fernandez’s late husband, then-President Nestor Kirchner, to revive a floundering investigation into the bombing of the Argentine-Israeli Mutual Association in Buenos Aires.

A small white van with several hundred pounds of explosives detonated in front of the seven-story building, causing it to collapse in the densely populated area of town.

Argentina has one of the largest concentrations of Jews outside of Israel, with estimates ranging around 200,000, mostly in Buenos Aires.

After years of inconclusive investigations and failed trials, an Argentine judge in 2006 accepted Nisman’s request to order the arrest of a former Iranian president, foreign minister and other officials. Interpol later put most of them on its most-wanted list.

But Argentina and Iran reached agreement in 2013 to jointly investigate the attack, a move viewed with skepticism by Jewish leaders who feared it would undermine Nisman’s probe.

Last week, Nisman asked a judge to call Fernandez and others, including Foreign Minister Hector Timerman, for questioning in the case.

“The president and her foreign minister took the criminal decision to fabricate Iran’s innocence to sate Argentina’s commercial, political and geopolitical interests,” Nisman said last week.

On Monday, Timerman said he was sorry to hear of Nisman’s death.

“What can I say?” he said from New York. “I’m simply saddened by the death of a person I knew and I hope that the cause of his death can be quickly determined.”

A federal judge had begun the process of deciding whether to hear the complaint and whether anyone should be summoned for questioning. Administration officials have called the prosecutor’s allegations ludicrous.

Israel’s foreign ministry expressed “deep sorrow” over Nisman’s death.

“Nisman, a courageous, venerable jurist who fought intrepidly for justice, acted with determination to expose the identities of the terrorists and their dispatchers,” a ministry statement said.


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TOKYO – The scientist behind a new talking robot in Japan says people should stop expecting robots to understand them, and instead try to chime in with robotic conversations.

Hiroshi Ishiguro’s 28-centimer (11-inch) tall button-eyed Sota, which stands for “social talker,” is programmed to mainly talk with a fellow robot, and won’t be trying too hard to understand human speech — the major, and often frustrating, drawback of companion robots.

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Sota, shown to reporters at a Tokyo museum Tuesday, goes on sale in July at under 100,000 yen ($850) each. To fully enjoy its features, one would have to buy at least two of them, although people can buy just one.

“Don’t stop at just two. Please buy three or four,” said Ishiguro, a professor at Osaka University, who has previously shown a variety of robots that look eerily human, including one that’s his double.

Ishiguro also demonstrated a more elaborate robot CommU, which stands for communication unity. It will cost five times as much as Sota.

The news conference to introduce Sota and CommU was led by two other humanoids, which appeared to talk with the two newest additions to Japan’s robot pantheon.

Robot maker Vstone, which simplified Ishiguro’s research to come up with commercial products, expects to sell 3,000 Sota robots in the first year, mostly to businesses. They could be used for tasks such as drawing attention to products on display.

Japan is a leading maker of robots, and its repertoire has ranged from industrial robots to whimsical toys.

Internet and telecommunications company Softbank Corp. will start selling Pepper, a humanoid it claims is designed to read human emotions, in Japan next month for 198,000 yen ($1,700), possibly heralding the era of everyday robots here.

Ishiguro said the idea behind Sota and CommU was similar to watching chattering children. An adult joining such a conversation would have low expectations and be engaging in dialogue for the fun, he said.

CommU is designed to make eye contact with rolling eyeballs, a feature Ishiguro believes is important to make conversations feel real.

In a demonstration, one CommU said to another CommU, “Do you know Denmark?”

It replied: “I love Denmark,” to which the first said, “I love Denmark, too.”

Ishiguro insists the robots can do more than just agree with each other, and can be programmed to carry on various kinds of conversations, including confrontational chatter.

But the main point is that people should stop expecting robots to live up to human expectations or merely do useful chores.

“Voice recognition has always been very difficult for robots,” Ishiguro said. “Human beings should instead adjust to what robots can do.”


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WATCH: It could be more ammunition tonight for the forces who want a no vote on the upcoming transit referendum that would impose a half-percent increase in the sales tax. Ted Chernecki reports why some retailers are worried about a consumer exodus out of Metro Vancouver

With a transit referendum on the horizon, some retailers worry of a possible exodus out of Metro Vancouver to places like Abbotsford where gas costs around 84 cents a litre.

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“It’s almost a mini-United States,” says Jordan Bateman of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation. “There’s a reason why we’ve seen the highest number of crossings into Whatcom County since the mid-90s. We’re seeing a similar outflow of people to Abbotsford and Mission to buy cheap gas and soon cheaper goods.”

READ MORE: Which people and groups are for and against the transit referendum?

If the transit referendum–which proposes raising the PST to 6.5 per cent to fund transit projects–is approved, Abbotsford and other areas outside the transit tax region could become a bigger bargain, meaning some shoppers may be willing to trek outside of Metro Vancouver for better deals.

For instance, purchasing a $40,000 vehicle outside the transit tax region could result in savings of $200.

“You can imagine on a Genesis that a $53,000 car, it’s $300,” says Frank Quigg, sales manager at Abbotsford Hyundai. “It’s well worth it for someone to make the extra drive to come to Abbotsford. It’s not that far for most people.”

READ MORE: TransLink ridership down, higher fares blamed

Those pushing for a yes vote are already asking the provincial government to sort out these issues before the vote takes place in March.

“It should be dealt with in exactly the same way that we deal with people who go across the border to Washington to buy a car,” says John Winter, CEO of the BC Chamber of Commerce. “They come back and they pay the local tax on that. They don’t pay Washington tax. It’s really where the car is registered that will be the criteria. That should solve all these problems.”

WATCH: The transit referendum is going to be a tough sell. Keith Baldrey reports on the ‘yes’ side’s strategy.

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ABOVE: Witnesses describe scene of overpass collapse in Cincinnati

CINCINNATI — A collapsed overpass covered southbound lanes of Interstate 75 with hundreds of tons of concrete and steel Tuesday, following a construction accident that killed a worker and injured a truck driver.

The Ohio Department of Transportation said the busy artery through downtown Cincinnati will be closed at least two to three days.

“The debris needs to be removed and we have to determine if there is damage to the pavement,” spokeswoman Sharon Smigielski said. “The cause is still under investigation.”

Work was going on Monday night to remove an overhead exit ramp that had recently been replaced by a new one when it came down at about 10:30 p.m. on top of southbound lanes some five miles north of the Ohio River.

“Something happened and it collapsed,” she said.

Police, fire and rescue workers respond to an overpass collapse on I-75 just north of the new Hopple Street bridge Tuesday, Jan. 20, 2015.

AP Photo/The Cincinnati Enquirer/Cameron Knight

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A tractor-trailer driver suffered minor injuries when his rig ran into the collapsed section; Cincinnati’s police chief says the driver probably was seconds away from serious harm. His and the construction worker’s names weren’t immediately released.

The ramp had been a left-hand exit from northbound 75 that carried traffic over the southbound lanes to Hopple Street. The new ramp exits to the right from northbound 75 near the University of Cincinnati.

Commuters to downtown Tuesday morning were diverted to Interstate 71 south, where traffic slowed through the morning, while motorists headed to Kentucky could take the Interstate 275 loop around the city.

The ramp replacement is part of a yearslong project to increase capacity and safety on a congested, accident-prone section of the interstate. Nighttime closures of northbound I-75 for work had been planned for this week, but state transportation officials said that schedule could be changed.

Cincinnati Police Chief Jeff Blackwell said late Monday that something went “terribly wrong.”

Work continues in the aftermath of the bridge collapse on Interstate 75, Tuesday, Jan. 20, 2015 in Cincinnati.

AP Photo/The The Cincinnati Enquirer/Liz Dufour

“The big-rig driver is very lucky; in a matter of seconds his fate would have probably been different,” Blackwell said.

A nearby resident said the collapse rattled his house.

“Just heard a thud, and the house shook,” Casey Wright told WLWT-TV. “It felt like an earthquake. I’m sure the whole neighborhood felt it.”

The Cincinnati Fire Department said the worker’s body was removed early Tuesday, after airbags were used to lift the wreckage.

The collapse also caused buses that use I-75 and nearby streets to be rerouted.


Associated Press writer Andrew Welsh-Huggins in Columbus contributed.


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WATCH: It’s always been the most unpleasant side effect of staying in shape: those workout clothes that end up smelling like a locker room. A local company says it’s solved that problem with its new line of active wear. Linda Aylesworth reports.

A new Vancouver athletic wear company has developed a new technology that will keep your gym clothes from smelling like, well, gym clothes.

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“I don’t know about you, but I’ve had that one shirt that you wash and wash and wash and it’s still a little bit funky,” says Meghan Conyers, one of the founders of Strongbody Apparel.

READ MORE: Why too much sitting time increases risk of disease even if you exercise

That malodorous smell comes courtesy of Micrococci, bacteria that are particularly fond of synthetic fabrics like polyester, the stuff much of today’s exercise gear is made of. Some manufacturers attempt to reduce the problem by permeating their products with antimicrobials like triclosan or silver chloride.

Strongbody Apparel, on the other hand, uses a substance known as Chitosante, named after chitin, an antimicrobial found in crab and shrimp shells.

According to Conyers, Chitosante has many practical applications.

READ MORE: Short, intense workouts among top 2015 trends

“It has multiple uses, in biomedical engineering and bio-pesticides,” she says. “It’s non-toxic. There are supplements made from it and now they’re using it in the textile industry as well.”

Right now, Strongbody sells most of their odour-free apparel online. They’re clothes are not cheap–$104 for men’s shorts and $88 for a Chitosante-treated shirt–but they’re confident they’ll find their market.

-with files from Linda Aylesworth

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SUNRISE, Fla. – Radim Vrbata and Bo Horvat scored, Ryan Miller stopped 23 shots and the Vancouver Canucks beat the Florida Panthers 2-1 on Monday night.

Brandon Pirri spoiled Miller’s bid for a third straight shutout with 2:32 remaining, ending the goalie’s career-best scoreless streak at 200:45. Miller, who had blanked Philadelphia and Carolina in his last two starts, topped his previous best scoreless streak of 161:35, set in 2010 with Buffalo.

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READ MORE:Miller has back-to-back shutouts; Canucks beat Carolina 3-0

Vancouver won its third straight and improved to 3-1 on a five-game road trip. The Panthers have lost a season-worst four straight.

The Canucks scored both goals in the first period and outshot the sluggish Panthers 13-6. Vrbata put Vancouver ahead at 3:25 as Daniel Sedin made a nice pass across to Vrbata on the right side and his shot got past Luongo’s glove.

Horvat doubled the lead at 8:03 as his shot was deflected into the crease and bounced before drifting across the goal line.

The Panthers outshot the Canucks 10-1 in the third period and finally got on the scoreboard when Pirri got the puck off the faceoff and fired a shot from above the right circle through traffic and past Miller.

NOTES: The line of Henrik Sedin, Daniel Sedin, and Vrbata have combined for 108 points for Vancouver this season. … The game was Luongo’s third against Vancouver since he was sent to Florida in a four-player deal last March. … The Panthers have scored once in their last 23 power-play chances. … Panthers centres Pirri and Vincent Trocheck returned to the lineup after being healthy scratches for the past three and four games, respectively.

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TORONTO – You’ve measured multiple times, fought with your spouse over cabinet styles and colours and have spent way too much time playing with the IKEA Kitchen Planner, dreaming of the day you’ll actually have a functional space to cook in your home. You’re now ready to join the roughly 70,000 households in Canada who install an IKEA kitchen each year. But wait! Before you run out to your favourite Swedish store, we have some bad news for you.

All that time and effort you’ve spent designing your IKEA kitchen over the last few months was all for naught. After 20 years, IKEA is doing away with its popular Akurum kitchen line in favour of the new Sektion model, which, according to the company, will offer “flexibility to customize a kitchen to any space.”

READ MORE: 5 things you need to know about IKEA’s new kitchen line

According to a CIBC poll released last spring, four in 10 Canadian homeowners were planning some renovation work on their home, with 32 per cent of respondents listing kitchen renos high on the list. Topping kitchen renovations was basic home maintenance (57 per cent), which includes painting and flooring, and bathroom renos (33 per cent).

The Akurum line has been a popular choice with both professionals and DIYers when it comes to kitchen renos because of its affordable price, durable build and many design options. The IKEA website notes that 7.7 million Akurum cabinets have been sold since debuting in 1995. The cabinets were even rated “Highest in Customer Satisfaction” in a J.D. Power study in 2012 and 2014. With the amount of praise the Akurum line has received many are wondering why IKEA is changing them now?

“At IKEA, we are continually developing our product range to make sure we meet the needs of our customers and have the best offer on the market,” Stefan Sjöstrand, President, IKEA Canada said. “With Sektion we will offer our customers endless possibilities to have a beautiful and highly functional kitchen at an affordable price.”

Some of the key features of the Sektion line include new cabinet, door, and drawer measurements, integrated LED lighting, bamboo interior organizers, and “drawers inside of drawers.”

“The kitchen can be designed in a way that there is one door for each drawer or a large door that covers several drawers, completely customizing the lines and expression of the kitchen,” the official press release states.

Features from the Akurum line being carried over with Sektion include soft-close drawers and doors, the wall-mounted rail system and the standard 25-year warranty. IKEA said that existing Akurum warranties will still be honoured.

An IKEA Sektion kitchen.

IKEA Canada

An IKEA Sektion kitchen.

IKEA Canada

The Akurum and Sektion lines are not compatible (meaning you won’t be able to use Sektion doors and components with existing Akurum cabinets). If you have an Akurum kitchen already installed, IKEA recommends you purchase anything you may need for it before Feb. 1 (some Akurum pieces will still be available in limited quantity until Oct. 1).

FROM HGTV.CA: 5 kitchen trends on the rise

IKEA has yet to release pricing info for the Sektion cabinets and accessories, but have hinted it will be similarly priced to the Akurum line. The company does warn that if you have an Akurum kitchen plan saved in the current IKEA Kitchen Planner it will be removed as of May 31. Users of the tool will be able to transfer their dimensions to the Sektion design planner as of Feb. 2.

For those with an Akurum kitchen in their home, IKEA ensures they will honour the 25-year warranty and have a “comprehensive after sales program in place” for customers. The company is also offering Akurum products and after sales service between Feb. 2 and Oct. 1 to those who would like to add to their current Akurum kitchen or require replacement parts (while supplies last). Read more about the switch from Akurum to Sektion on IKEA’s official FAQ page.

Last year, IKEA fans were upset when the company announced the popular Expedit shelving unit was being replaced with the Kallax unit. After an influx of angry Facebook and 桑拿会所 messages directed at the company, most people relaxed when the shelf was released and didn’t look that much different (and was still able to hold vinyl record collections).

The Sektion line will be available to order at all IKEA Canada locations as of Feb. 2. To get an early, in-person preview of what they look like, visit the IKEA booth at the Toronto Interior Design Show between Jan. 22 – 25.

SOUND OFF: Does IKEA switching its line of kitchen cabinets affect you? Leave a comment below or on our Facebook page.

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GLENDIVE, Mont. – Officials said Monday that they were bringing truckloads of drinking water to the eastern Montana city of Glendive after traces of 50,000 gallons of oil that spilled into the Yellowstone River were found in the city’s water supply.

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State and federal officials said preliminary tests Monday indicated that at least some oil entered the supply for the city of 5,300 people. They stressed they are shipping drinking water as a precaution and do not know yet whether there is any public health threat to residents. They will perform further tests to determine that.

Up to 50,000 gallons of oil spilled in the Saturday pipeline accident. Cleanup crews were being hampered by ice that covers most of the river, making it hard to find the oil.

FEATURE: Crude Awakening – 37 years of oil spills in Alberta  

Officials with Bridger Pipeline LLC of Casper, Wyoming, have said the break in the 12-inch steel pipe happened Saturday morning in an area about 9 miles upstream from Glendive, a community in east-central Montana near the North Dakota border.

Bridger spokesman Bill Salvin said Monday that the company is confident that no more than 1,200 barrels – or 50,000 gallons – of oil spilled during the hour-long breach.

“Oil has made it into the river,” Salvin said. “We do not know how much at this point.”

An oil sheen has been seen near Sidney, almost 60 river miles downstream from Glendive, said Paul Peronard, the on-scene co-ordinator for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

Booms are being placed in two areas of open water to try and trap oil with another collection site near Crane, which is about 30 miles downstream from the spill site.

“We want to put up a backstop so no free oil can get past this location,” Peronard said Monday.

READ MORE: Quebec residents in the dark about rising crude oil shipments by rail

But locating the rest of the oil could prove to be difficult because some of it is trapped under the ice that covers much of the river.

“We really can’t see it, so we’re going to have to hunt and peck through ice to get it out,” Peronard said.

Bridger Pipeline crews were still working Monday to determine exactly where the breach occurred.

If it happened on the bank, some of the oil may be trapped in the soil near the river.

“If it happened underneath the river, then it’s all in the river,” Peronard said.

READ MORE: Regulator demands full audit from Calgary-based pipeline company

Initial water samples taken at the Glendive water treatment facility showed no sign of oil or gas contamination, said Peronard and Dave Parker, spokesman for Gov. Steve Bullock.

Glendive’s intake station draws water from 14 feet beneath the river surface, while most of the oil was expected to be floating, Peronard said.

Some Glendive-area residents had reported an odour in their water and those reports are being investigated, officials said.

Bullock planned to visit the spill site Monday afternoon, Parker said.

The Poplar Pipeline system runs from Canada to Baker, Montana, and carries crude oil from the Bakken oil producing region in Montana and North Dakota. It remained shut down Monday while crews planned to pump out any remaining oil from the section of the pipeline where the breach occurred.

The pipeline receives oil at the Poplar Station in Roosevelt County, Fisher and Richey Stations in Richland County and at Glendive in Dawson County, all in Montana. It was last inspected in 2012, Salvin said, and is at least 8 feet below the Yellowstone River bed where it crosses the river near Glendive.

Bridger Pipeline, a subsidiary of True Cos., also owns and operates the Four Bears Pipeline System in North Dakota along with the Parshall Gathering System and the Powder River System in Wyoming, according to the company’s website.


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LONDON – Actress Anne Kirkbride, a star of British soap opera Coronation Street for more than 40 years, has died at the age of 60.

Network ITV says Kirkbride, who played the long-suffering, much-married Deirdre Barlow, died Monday in a hospital in Manchester, northwest England, after a short illness.

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Set in the fictional working-class community of Weatherfield, Coronation Street has been chronicling its characters’ lives since 1960, with an enduringly popular mix of social realism, melodrama and humour. Kirkbride’s character — renowned for her oversized spectacles and romantic travails — was at the heart of some of the soap’s most dramatic story lines for decades.

READ MORE: Coronation Street fires 25-year-old actress who claimed to be 19

The show is so popular that when Deirdre was wrongly imprisoned for fraud in 1998, newspapers campaigned for her release and Prime Minister Tony Blair was among those who proclaimed her innocence.

Coronation Street executive producer Kieran Roberts said the program makers “know only too acutely how much Anne meant to the millions of people who watched her create the legendary character of Deirdre Barlow.”

William Roache, who played her onscreen husband Ken Barlow — the characters married, divorced then remarried years later — said the show had lost “one of its iconic characters.”

He said Kirkbride “was an impeccable performer with superb comedy timing and an immense gift for really heightened drama. We had some rows over the years as Ken and Deirdre and it was wonderful to play those scenes opposite her.”

Kirkbride is survived by her husband, David Beckett.

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