Battling the Blood Tribe drug problem – Lethbridge

Battling the Blood Tribe drug problem – Lethbridge

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Community members marched through the streets of Moses Lake with a police escort letting the rest of the Blood Tribe know that they are mad, hurt, and fed up with the ongoing drug problem on the reserve.

“There’s been prescription drug abuse for many years here,” said Staff Sergeant Joseph Many Fingers. “It’s an issue we’ve been trying to address within the community and within the police.”

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While drugs have been prevelant in the area, a recent surge in drug related deaths have spurred action in Blood Tribe communities.

A three day rally has been organized in the wake of those deaths that police are linking to illegal pills of a drug called Oxy 80, sold as Oxycodone.

“There’s approximately 10 deaths related to Oxy 80’s or prescription drug abuse.”

In an effort to impede the flow of counterfeit pharmacuticals on the reserve, Blood Tribe police have dedicated two officers to a newly formed Crime Reduction Unit, who will concentrate their time exclusively on drug and gang related investigations.

Pamela Little Bear battled pharmacutical drug addition herself, and spoke to the young rally attendees about the dangers of illegal prescription pills.

“It just takes one time to use it, and you can die from it,” said Little Bear. “That’s what we want the kids to know. This drug is really dangerous.”

Police are hoping for the public’s assistance in gathering information and interacting with witnesses in order to legally support drug searches that could lead to arrests.

The public can confidentially email information to: [email protected]苏州夜网

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