Jewellery store owner attacked 7 years ago makes miracle comeback – Montreal

Jewellery store owner attacked 7 years ago makes miracle comeback – Montreal

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LAVAL – A jewellery store owner in Laval is selling a lot more than watches and diamonds these days.

Meir Kramer is giving his customers inspiration, and a message of strength.

Almost 7 years ago, Kramer was attacked and left for dead during a violent robbery.

Now, he’s back at work.

Kramer says he refuses to “give in to the bad guys”.

The 62-year-old spends his days repairing watches and serving clients.

He’s the first to admit his skills are not what they used to be.

The attack caused significant brain damage.

“It’s very very slow for me, I get tired very fast,” Kramer says.

Customers at the Bijouterie Geneve on Samson Boulevard don’t seem to mind – in fact they look up to him.

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“He’s an inspiration,” says wife Sima Kramer.

“I can’t believe he’s alive. Back in 2008, the neurologist told me his brain was like a bowl of Jell-O.”

The morning of October 22, 2008, Meir Kramer opened the front door of his store to two thieves posing as customers.

Once inside, they attacked him repeatedly in the head with a steel rod before robbing him of hundreds of thousands of dollars in precious jewels.

A security camera captured the two men leaving the store with a stuffed hockey bag.

Despite the life-changing event, Kramer has decided to keep his shop open.

“Never give up,” he insisted.

Kramer admits he does live with fear and occasional flashbacks, but says he wants to be at work.

Sima Kramer stands by her husband’s decision.

“He’s a fighter,” she says.

“God loves him.  God gave him another chance.”

The two suspects in the case remain on the loose.

Laval police say the case remains a priority for the force.

In an interview, spokesperson Frank Di Genova hinted there could soon be a development in the case.

“Is there an arrest yet? No. Are there suspects in mind? Yes,” he told Global News.

“The investigation is on-going and we hope eventually there will be an arrest.”

Back in 2008, the two suspects were described as white men in their 20’s.

Today, they would be in their 30’s.

One of the culprits had a receding hairline.

While they wait for possible arrests, Sima Kramer says she and husband will stand united – standing up for what’s right.

“Our marriage is strong,” she said.

“We trust one another, we protect one another, our base is love.”


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