Lack of money and sleep leaving Albertans stressed in January: POLL

Lack of money and sleep leaving Albertans stressed in January: POLL

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EDMONTON – The suggestion that the third Monday of January is the most depressing day of the year goes in line with a new poll on how Albertans are feeling this month.

Nearly half of Albertans are feeling more stressed in January compared to the rest of the year, according to a poll by ATB Financial. Lack of sleep and financial stress are cited as the top two reasons for feeling higher levels. Health issues, back-to-work pressure and the weather are other reasons for higher stress.

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“Low oil prices and the impact that will have on Alberta are likely reasons financial stress scored so high,” says Robert Roach, Senior Analyst from ATB’s Economics & Research team. “An economic slowdown is forecasted for our province in 2015 and for a lot of us, that brings uncertainty.”

The research team notes a difference between residents of Calgary and Edmonton. In Edmonton, 37 per cent of respondents say they feel back-to-work stress in January, while 25 per cent of Calgarians feel the same way. And 24 per cent of Calgary respondents say they worry about the economy, while 15 per cent of Edmontonians give the same answer in the survey.

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Some of those who took part in the survey said they’re dealing with the added stress by participating in fitness activities, spending less, paying down debt and trying to save more.

The week of January 19 is typically seen as the most depressing of the year, in part due to incoming Christmas bills, broken New Year’s resolutions and gloomy weather.

“The lack of daylight, the temperatures and the grey. Colour revs us up and we are not getting a lot of colour at this time of year,” said Candace Giesbrecht with the Canadian Mental Health Association.

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