LRPS institutes innovative program – Lethbridge

LRPS institutes innovative program – Lethbridge

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Recent robberies in and around Lethbridge have some store owners looking for new ways to protect their assets. Today, the Lethbridge Regional Police Service announced a new program that should make a difference.

The forward thinking program is called ‘Security Camera Registry’. It allows residents to team up with LRPS by adding their outside security cameras to a new police registry.

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“Now we have a list and a registry we can just go straight to that when we need to.” Said LRPS Constable Kara Hagan. “If a crime is committed on 6th Ave South, we can just look up who’s registered on 6th Ave South.”

In the event of a crime, police can check the registry to see if they have eyes in the sky in the area. If they do, they can request the footage from the business or home owner.

It’s a methodology Constable Hagen hopes will allow officers to get criminals off the streets in a much faster manner.

“Instead of having to continually go door to door to door and search for a phone number, on this registry, boom we have a contact and it’s great.”

Monday, Pit Stop Liquor became the first business to join the Security Camera Registry. It was an easy decision for owner Robin James.

“Anytime we can work together as a community to support each other and keep our streets safe, I think that will be a benefit for a everyone in the city.”

The new program is expected to have the biggest impact in residential areas.

Adds Hagen, “You wouldn’t believe how many private home owners have security cameras that you just don’t know about, so we don’t know about them either.”

Anyone interested in joining the registry can go to 苏州桑拿按摩论坛lethbridgepolice苏州丝足/

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