Murder trial starts in bombing death of disabled woman

Murder trial starts in bombing death of disabled woman

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Victoria Shachtay was killed in 2011 when a package delivered to her Innisfail home, exploded.

The man accused in the terrible crime was her investment advisor.

Crown prosecutors claim that 57-year-old Brian Malley tried to cover up his failed investments by using a pipe bomb to kill his client: 23-year-old Shachtay.

Shachtay was a paraplegic single mother who received $1 million in an insurance settlement after she was hit by a car, paralyzed and confined to a wheelchair.

She retained Malley to invest her money.

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In November 2011, the RCMP arrived at Shachtay’s home to find her dead, and her home rocked by an explosive blast.

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Shachtay’s caregiver had found a package covered in Christmas decorative paper on the doorstep, and brought it inside where it exploded when Shachtay unwrapped it.

The crown claims bomb components found at the murder scene are linked to Malley – a financial advisor who lost most of Shachtay’s money.

But the defence is arguing that Malley had no reason or motive to kill the woman, and did not steal any of her money.

They claim she spent most of the cash supporting herself, her daughter and other family members.

They also claim Malley did not have any bomb-making expertise, and components linked to him are actually common household items.

The defence argues someone else murdered Shachtay, noting extensive drug activity in her neighbourhood.

They criticize the RCMP for having tunnel vision in the murder investigation, and not considering other suspects.

The murder trial in Red Deer is expected to continue for four to five weeks

Malley is free on bail pending the outcome of the trial.

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