WATCH: Cop pulls girlfriend over as part of elaborate proposal – National

WATCH: Cop pulls girlfriend over as part of elaborate proposal – National

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One Texas cop has put the would-be husbands of the world on notice with this elaborate (and incredibly cute) proposal.

Galveston Police officer Gregory Parris enlisted the help of his fellow officers to help him pop the question to his longtime girlfriend Sara Wolff.

Here’s how it went down: Galveston police officers pulled over Wolff in what appeared to be a routine traffic stop, ostensibly because she had a busted tail light.

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Meanwhile, officer Parris was watching from a nearby squad car, ring in hand. And despite being a veteran of many a traffic stop, he admits this particular one was different.

“That day I was very nervous,” officer Parris told KHOU News in Houston.

Dash cam footage captured the entire exchange, as the officer who pulled Wolff over told her she had several outstanding warrants.

A second police officer is called to the scene, and Wolff begins to cry as she asks what she could have done to possibly merit this kind of response.

But dread soon turns to delight as Officer Parris makes his move, walking over to his shock girlfriend, dropping down on one knee, and asking the question.

No, not “Do you know how fast you were going?”

“He said Sarah Jane Wolff will you be my wife,” said Wolff.

Thankfully, she immediately said yes.

“She might have gone to jail otherwise,” Officer Parris joked afterwards.

Wolff said she was beyond impressed by her husband-to-be’s elaborate proposal.

“I can’t imagine being proposed to any better than that,” said Wolff. “It was perfect for us.”


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