WATCH: Man records incredible near-miss with out-of-control semi truck – National

WATCH: Man records incredible near-miss with out-of-control semi truck – National

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Imagine looking through your back window and seeing this barreling towards you.

That was the case for one driver on Interstate 95 in New Jersey this past Sunday morning – and he managed to record the entire hair-raising incident.

Rain “flash-freezing” on roads and sidewalks left an icy glaze under feet and tires across much of the northeastern U.S., causing crashes that claimed at least five lives.

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“This is the worst type of winter precipitation to combat, because it can freeze instantly and it doesn’t need to be the whole pavement for vehicles crossing it to have problems,” Pennsylvania Department of Transportation spokesman Eugene Blaum said.

From  Maryland  to New Hampshire, more than 5,000 accidents were reported due to black ice.

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However, it could have been 5,001 if not for an incredible bit of timing, luck, or both.

The amateur video shows a driver pulled over on I-95 near New Brunswick, New Jersey, halted by another black ice-induced accident in front of him.

He turns his camera round to shoot out his back window – just in time to capture a tractor trailer lose control at high speed, and barrel straight towards him.

It’s a hair-raising moment to be sure, as the out-of-control semi slams into the highway divider at high speeds, jackknifes its double load, yet somehow avoids slamming into the back of the car by mere inches.

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